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  • $9.99

    Cork shaped with a bright LED, bottle lights are a unique way to create ambient lighting in any decor setting.

    USB Rechargeable – no batteries required.

  • Customized engraving – Add corporate logos, seasonal themes, sports themes and logos to any color combination lampshade you want! Our layering technique makes for crazy and wild color layers that can fit it in any decor setting from weddings to man-caves. These make truly amazing gifts for friends and family they will never forget.

    Reach out via our contact page, and we’ll get your custom Glo Globe created for you!

  • $4.00

    LED Battery Light – Want to use your globe as a center piece at your wedding?  You can use one of our battery lights in your globe and eliminate the need for the 12 foot cord.  These battery lights illuminate your globe just as well as the traditional LED bulb.

  • $3.00

    LED Bulb – We recommend using no more than a 40 Watt LED bulb.  LED bulbs can last up to 10 years. The bulbs that we supply are cool to touch and eliminate any risk of fire! We can supply you with a bulb and insert it into your lamp for a minimum cost of $3!

  • $20.00

    Color Changing LED light – This LED bulb makes your simple white globe come to life with so many options!  Chose up to 15 different colors or use the 4 different changing options.  You can even adjust the level of brightness! Never get bored with one light, you have so many options to chose from!  This bulb can last up to 40,000 hours!! The bulb comes with a remote control that you can change the setting from afar!

  • $25.00$45.00

    Sphere- Diffuse light lampshade in a spherical shape. Our most popular shape. This shape is truly universal to any decor setting. You can place it on any lamp,  hang it from a pendant light, use it as a centerpiece in  a wedding, or put it in your child’s room. The sphere makes the best nightlight your child will ever have, especially when they can pick their own color! No matter where you put this lampshade, it is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

  • $100.00$120.00

    Super Sphere- The mother of all globes! This thing is massive and should be used in a large room.  If there is a need to light up a small neighborhood, you are in luck!!!

  • $15.00$35.00

    Gumdrop – What a fun shape! The gumdrop looks great on a traditional table lamp to spice it up!  Pick your favorite colors or select colors to match your room.  Your options are limitless.

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